Why Social MEDIA Need to be Grow on this world?!!

Why Social MEDIA Need to be Grow on this world?!!


How Social Media is Influencing Your Business Today

Are you over the age of 30? Do you feel as though you’ve completely lost touch with media? What is VSCO? How do you use Snapchat? These are all very common questions, don’t worry if you’re too scared to ask, as many are!

We now live in a world where pretty much everything you do, involves some sort of media. Everything from ordering at McDonald’s to getting important medical updates, it’s all done virtually now. “Rather than fear this shift, we must use it to stay closer to customers, connect to them and engage with them in entirely new ways,”

We’re in the middle of a media revolution and social media is the eye of the storm. Thanks to social media, you can connect with anyone, anywhere in a matter of seconds. Businesses who typically relied on word of mouth are in luck, thanks to websites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google who all have rating systems.

However, on the flip side poor ratings can completely ruin a company. In fact, Chefs hate websites like Yelp, Anthony Bourdain told that. Bourdain, however, is on board with Instagram.

Photo sharing websites, such as Instagram puts so many businesses on the map. What was once a small store can bloom into a booming business with lines out the door thanks to Instagram. Influencers have an impact, many startups rely on these influencers to sell their product. Take a look at watches, in their second year they were worth over $7 million. They had a great product and relied on Instagram influencers to spread the word.

This is done with almost every social media website now, Youtubers have ads or use specific products in their videos, Facebook can be used to sell goods, you can even buy things directly from a photo on Instagram now!

Whether we like it or not, social media is changing the way businesses operate forever. We can either adapt or fall behind!

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